We can arrange a loan buy-out even for a non-listed company. Loan rate can be as low as 2.99% p.a. Quick approval in 24 hours. We do free debt counseling. We are an ISO9001:2015 Certified company.


We, at Easyloan, aim to help the customer to live a life of their choice without worrying at all for any financial requirement.

In an era of AECB, it is important to make your financial decision wisely. As you must be aware that AECB records all your financial history and share your credit score with the banks, based on which your eligibility is determined for loan or card.

We provide guidance and educate our clients to manage their score efficiently in order to be eligible in many banks where they have the option to negotiate.

We serve our customer with a number of suitable product and services with the help of expert banker from more than 25 banks in UAE, all of them are capable enough to handle your query.

Some of the services such as debt consolidation and debt settlement are unique service where you need extensive knowledge of banking to cater to your requirements.
We have a free consultation service to tackle your financial issues, customers have access to seek a call, write or visit us for the same.