We can arrange a loan buy-out even for a non-listed company. Loan rate can be as low as 2.99% p.a. Quick approval in 24 hours. We do free debt counseling. We are an ISO9001:2015 Certified company.


Leadbee is a revolutionary opportunity for our clients and associate to provide an extra passive income by helping your friends and relative (Individual/business) with their financial requirements.

It gives the opportunity to refer a friend (Individual/business) for banking needs or other valuable leads and earn passive income Unlimited per month. We have designed a reward system in such a way that anyone can easily earn 5k to 10k per month by just referring leads without any obligation. We will do the rest.

Its very simple, download the leadbee app and start referring us. It is a platform that can offer you Unlimited rewards.

You make money by referring our leadbee app as well when they use your unique code to register and they refer successful leads.

You can visit app store and look for LeadBee app.

*Our Mission*

Our mission is to generate passive income by upgrading the referral experience and providing an organized Platform to reward networking skills along with Making *Refer and Earn* as simple as possible.

*Our Vision*

Our vision is to create an entire ecosystem for lead referring, rewarding and execution smoothly by integrating its stakeholders.

What is Leadbee?

What is Leadbee… generating passive income?

Leadbee is a dream project offered by renowned EasyLoan an ISO certified organization based in UAE. It gives the opportunity to refer friends (Individual/business) for banking needs and earn passive income up to 25k AED per month.

Who we are?

We are a team of banking experts our easyloan is a reputed organization since 2018, we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 quality certification in 2021.

What do we do?

We deal with all banking-relatedproducts and services for individuals as well as for companies. In most cases, we chargethe customer for our services and pay massive rewards to those who refer.

Which all product do we deal in?


We do have other leads segment where you can refer us any other valuable leads.

How does Leadbee work?

It’s very simple, you have to download, register and start referring leads. Our executive will call to get more details, progress,and close the leads, we will arrange to get work done through the possible bank and you will get your rewards after our fees collection.

How do people make money?

It’s very simple, download the app, register yourself and refer leads. We will call your leads and do the needful. You will be getting real-timeupdates on your leads. Once closed you get your reward.

Why do people love this app?

We believe people love us due to our massive passive income program. This app is useful for anyone and everyone in UAE, You make up to 50% of net revenue earned by lead. You will get progress update through this app. possibly the best app in UAE to make passive income with good quality & transparency track record (ISO Certified).

Is this app free?

This app is free as long as your 5 friends download this app using your app referral code. For every app download, you earn 100 points and a total of 500 points required to make this app free for 1 year, Orthe app joining fee will be debited from your first payout.

Example: only 3 friends downloaded using your app referral code then you will be charged the remaining 200aed from your first payout.

(if you have more than 500 points you can carry forward for next year or you can use to buy other app benefits)


This is an initiative to offer a platform to make passive income designed by EasyLoan financing consultancy who holds ISO 9001 certificates for quality standards. It’s a leading consultancy serving since 2018 in UAE.

EasyLoan members and associates can refer friends for any banking-related leads and make passive income up to 25k AED/Month. This is the only platform where you can earn up to 50% of the revenue generated by your lead. It’s huge, what are you waiting for? Start referring today


   What if someone record lead for himself/herself?
He/she will get up to 25% discount in EasyLoan fees defined as per our executive subject to nature of leads.
   What is the relation between Leadbee and Easyloan?
Leadbee is an app for Easyloan clients and its associates to track and refer leads. Leadbee isnot an independent entity.
   What if I don’t have any local number?
you can access the app through email. However, you must update a working international/local number to claim your rewards OTP.
   How do you work on the lead once someone refers?
Leads are assigned to our expert to assess the requirement and possibilities of taking on board. If all well we proceed to sign a contract with the client and refer to an associated executive who gets work done.
After completing of work, we proceed to collect our fees and share them with our referrer.
   Do you charge clients?
Yes, we do charge clients, but not in all cases. It depends on the nature and profile of the client. In some cases where charges are not required, we do not charge the client.
   How soon I can claim my reward? Does it expire if not claimed?
you can claim money once the payment of your referral is received, we will update the app. It will expire after 1 year of not claiming.
   How Leadbee does makes money? In case you don’t charge the client.
Leadbee has partnered with a different institution that pays commission on some cases where we do not charge the client. In such cases referral reward is low.
   How do we get a progress update on leads?
you have an update on the app step by step, you will be aware of the case. Also, you can call and check on our helpline number.
   How do you release rewards?
we would require photo ID and OTP verification for reward claim, you must visit our office to collect your rewards, at least the first time. Once your details are updated we may wire them to you.
   What if a lead is already with you through any other source?
since we are a popular channel we may get duplicate leads, in this case first leads in the system will be treated as first leads, all other leads will be discarded.
   Who is eligible to refer?
Easyloan clients and its associate can refer clients.
   How to become your associate?
Anyone who downloads the app and makes an account will be considered as our associate.
   Is this Leadbee app free?
Currently, we are charging some 500 points which can be earned by referring the app to your 5 friends, charges will apply on your first case closure. Some maintenance fee is charged in all cases.
   What all products and services do you deal with?
we deal with all banking and real estate (Home Loan) products and services as of now.
   Do you have a registered company in UAE?
Leads are managed by EasyLoan financing broker, it’s been a registered company in DED since 2018.
   I saw you are ISO certified, is it true?
Yes our company has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 for our quality service.
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